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Tree Care and Decorating Tips

Tree Care Tips

  1. For easy clean-up, pick up a Christmas tree disposal bag. You may just be taking it out to the ditch, but who wants all those needles everywhere?
  2. Re-cut the bottom of your tree right before placing it in the stand.
  3. Make sure your tree has lots of water!!
    The tree will drink about a gallon a day in the first few days you have it home. Plus, if the water line drops below the trunk, the tree bottom will sap over and will have to be re-cut.
  4. Display your tree away from furnace vents and fire places and never burn a pine tree in your fireplace.
  5. If you have pets, especially cats, make sure your tree is in a secure location where the animals cannot topple it.
  6. Turn your tree lights off when you're out of the house and during the day to lower the temp for your tree and also drastically decrease the chances of a fire when you're out of the house.
  7. ALWAYS check you lights for broken bulbs or shorts. If a cord is damaged, do not attempt to repair it, throw it away. Bulbs can be safely replaced as long as the lights are unplugged.

Designer Decorating Tips


  • Test your lights before you start decorating and make sure you have enough for the whole tree. Never use lights with exposed or frayed wires or broken bulbs.
  • You will need 100 lights per vertical foot of tree for a full, bright look.
  • Always put your lights on first, starting at the top and working down, inside to outside on the branches.


  • For every vertical foot of tree, you'll need about 2 strands of garland, or for a different look, attach ribbon streamers and run them vertically down your tree instead.
  • Thin beaded garland looks best swagged from branch to branch; thick paper, ribbon or foil garland is better for wrapping loosely around the outside of your tree.


  • Filler ornaments can be an inexpensive way to finish off your tree. For average-sized ornaments, you'll need about 10 filler ornaments for every vertical foot of tree. Varying the shape, size or texture of these ornaments adds interest.
  • Give your tree depth by hanging some ornaments closer to the tree trunk.
  • If you have pets who may investigate your tree, make sure to bend your ornament hooks over the branch instead of just setting them on the branch. Precious or heavy ornaments will be safest towards the inside and top of your tree.

Start With a Theme

Find something important to your family and build around that idea. Use themed ornaments, craft store items, personal trinkets and even household items. Don't have a theme to start with? Here are a couple of suggestions we liked:

  • Country - handmade ornaments and craft pieces with red and white lights and gingham patterned ribbons
  • Fisherman - tiny tackle boxes, nets, lures, and fish ornaments accented with blue twinkle Christmas lights
  • Flower Garden - accent pastel ornaments with artificial leaves or flower bunches, and a few silk butterflies, dragon flies or birds to bring it all together
  • Kid's Choice- get your kids their own smaller tree to decorate, or let them pick the theme of the tree overall, for added family time, make ornaments and garland for the tree together
  • Southwestern - dried chilies or chili pepper light strands with cow, horse, and cowboy hat ornaments
  • Sports - coordinated ball ornaments in your favorite sports team's colors accented with team insignia ornaments
  • Victorian - hearts and cherubs in pink, cream and gold with lots of ribbon and lace

Think BIG!

Oversized ornaments can provide a stunning effect when paired with smaller coordinated decorations. Large items such as balls or stars add sparkle, shine and dimension to your tree. The best part? You'll only need about a dozen oversized ornaments to get this big wow!

Glamour and Glitter

Sparkle and shine for your tree comes mostly from your lights. Glass bulbs will refract more light and appear brighter while layered twinkle lights paired with reflective ornaments adds light and depth all over. To light your tree inside and out, string lights from the inside out and string lights around all major branches and the trunk. Don't be afraid to open up all the lights, for every vertical foot of your tree you'll need about 100 lights. In addition to lights, crystals add sparkle and movement to your tree. You'll need to place them near lights or colorful items for maximum effect, but they will be truly dazzling. You can also dress up classic items like leaves, pinecones or silk flowers with a little glitter spray. Add just a touch for a little shine, or all over coverage for a formal look.

Matching Game

Often the room your tree is in can play a large role in finding the perfect look and will create a festive environment. Try matching your ornaments or colors with your wrapping paper, accent colors in your room, or some of your favorite art in the room. Matching patterns in your room to the ribbons, garland and ornaments on your tree will tie everything together and make the whole room feel like Christmas.


Try an earthy look this year. Try wiring pine cones, leaves, or even berries to your tree for a fresh from outside look. Leafy garland and silk cardinals can also make colorful, authentic accents for your tree.

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